Drink Like A 1940’s Socialite

Ah, the Margarita, one of the most bastardized drinks on the planet. When you can find pre-mixed cocktails in plastic bottles, you know the drink is ruined. I am personally not a lover (or even liker) of tequila, honestly. My father used to call it "Ta-Kill-Ya," and for me, he was almost right. We all... Continue Reading →

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My Love Letter To Cheese

Oh cheese, how I adore thee, golden succulent wave of heaven. Okay, enough of that; I am no poet. But seriously, cheese is an addiction, I am convinced, at least for myself.  It is absolutely, unequivocally, my vice. My love affair with cheese is very complex. I happen to be a non meat-eater, but I... Continue Reading →

My Vintage Radios

I have fond memories of sitting on the shag carpet next to my grandmother's Hi Fi stereo cabinet in upstate NY, listening to the Bee Gees' "How Deep Is Your Love" with the wonderful crackles and hisses of the vinyl spinning 'round and 'round. There was a painting of an autumn tree-lined road above the... Continue Reading →

How I Learned To Cook

Since I am starting at the beginning, or well, near the beginning, I'll tell you a little bit about how I learned to cook. I always assumed most people had a really nice mom who wore an apron and on Sundays, that really nice mom would say to her daughter: "Sweetie, let's bake and cook... Continue Reading →

The Greek In Me

I was born into a Greek family. You've seen that movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, right? Yes, it's true, except that was the Hollywood version. It's even worse, or more amazing. Sometimes, I am not sure which, it's either good crazy or just plain crazy, being in a Greek American family. For years I... Continue Reading →

My Little Brownie

I have an obsession with vintage Brownie cameras. It started when I was a little girl and found one in my great grandmother's basement. I asked what the little box was and when I found out it was a camera, I swooned with excitement. The camera no longer worked and I was ushered out of... Continue Reading →

The French 75, Ooh La La

This delicious cocktail is literally heaven in a glass. Okay, well maybe not literally, but pretty friggin close. I recently had a French themed dinner party, for which I chose the French 75 as our aperitif. Of course since I can never be satisfied with a regular old recipe, I had to play with and... Continue Reading →

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